Harrow with special opportunity, part 3

Enjoy the finale of an exclusive interview with Ryan Harrow, courtesy of Larry Vaught. In this finale, Harrow reveals how he sees himself with Calipari's offense, and compares himself with prior UK point guards like Rajon Rondo, John Wall, and Brandon Knight.

"With me working on my jump shot, it will help me be more consistent," Harrow said about his hard work. "If they want to back up on me since I get past them, I will be able to shoot it. Just try to be a leader and run the offense the way coach Cal wants me to instead of him having to yell and stuff like that."

Kentucky has had fast point guards in Rajon Rondo, Wall and Knight.

"I would say I?am right there with them. I think John is a little bit faster than everybody. John is just so fast. People have told me I am real fast with the ball in my hand and with my first step and dribble," he said. "They think I?will do really well in this offense.?I thought I?had a pretty good year last year as a freshman and we didn't even run the open, dribble-drive offense. I will have more opportunities to show off my game here."

Harrow, a third team Parade All-American and the Georgia Gatorade Player of the Year in high school, has an outgoing personality thanks in part to his mom's influence.

"Me and my mom are like attached by the hip. I am lost without her being here right now. She moved with me to Raleigh when I?moved there (for school last year)," Harrow said. "I think I was there for about a week and then she moved into her apartment.

"It is going to be hard with her not here this year. She won't be up here this year because my sister also lives in Raleigh, so she is going to help my sister with her two kids. But the year I?play she will be up here. I talk to her four or five times a day. We talk about just anything. We have that type of relationship."

He thinks he'll have a good relationship with the rabid UK fans as well.

"North Carolina State was pretty crazy, too, because (fans) were so excited about the three freshmen coming in last year. I don't think anything compares to Kentucky, though, and how they support their teams," he said. "It has been great here. Basketball is fun on the court. School is great, too. All the fans are here. All the kids are here. I?am really excited about basketball.

"I am definitely going to embrace this. I think this is the best fit for me definitely basketball-wise with the dribble-drive and playing with all these top players. I came out as a top player also.

"We all have the same goals, but we are all focused on the now instead of that next level. I am also always going to talk to fans. We are not only playing for us, we are playing for the school and representing them. We have to be thankful for them supporting us and just the opportunity to be here."

Away from basketball, he does some of the same things that most 20-year-old college students do.

"I just like to hang out with the boys. Definitely they will tell you I am the most laid-back out of all of them. Even though I will interact with the fans, I am the most laid-back guy," Harrow said.

But he also has one other interest that is not that common among college students.

"If you are looking for me and I?am not playing basketball or working out, I am probably in bed laying down watching cartoons. I watch movies, too, but I watch all the cartoons like Diego and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Anything on Disney or Nickelodeon.

"I?even bought NetFlix because they show some of the old cartoons like Rocket Power and that stuff. I get those whenever I want to just watch and have some fun. I really do enjoy those cartoons," he said.

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