Kalen Grimes names a leader

Kalen Grimes isn't in a hurry to make a college decision. In fact, it's his right to take his time and that's what he's doing. Still, he's got a leader in the process.

For some guys, picking a college is a top spring priority. Others want to take visits and sandwich them in between AAU weekends. Kalen Grimes wants none of that.

"Right now, I have no idea [about school]. There's no time."

He's right. For a top-flight player like him to hit the visit trail, it would mean not playing in some events with the St. Louis Eagles or missing a few spring school functions and the big fella just isn't in enough of hurry to do that.

He does, however, have a top five list of schools. It reads Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky and Iowa. Grimes said that all five have offered. And, one leads.

"It would be Kansas. They've got a good coaching staff and it's a good program." Still, don't expect a rush to decide.

Grimes will have a chance while playing with the Eagles to capture some major AAU championships this summer. "I want to go to all three camps that I'm going to, play hard and get recognized at an even higher level."

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