Postgame interview with Terrence Jones

Larry Vaught caught up with Terrence Jones following Kentucky's exhibition victory over Transy.

Question: What did you think about the way the team played against Transylvania?

Terrence Jones: "I know we have a lot of room to get better. It's just always an experience and we are in the learning process of what we need to do and still gaining chemistry. We still have a long ways to go, but it is just the beginning of the season. Coach Calipari felt what was obvious, that we had a lot of mismatches down low and that we started the game off with a couple of (3-point) shots and he didn't want Anthony (Davis) to kick that ball outside for a 3. He wanted us to start the game down low and then open it up and we didn't do that, so it made us look bad at the beginning. But we got better the second half and know we can improve from this."

Question: What impressed you about Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's play?

Jones: "He did real good. Playing at a high energy level. Him and Marquis (Teague) on the ball defense was great. They got after it and got aggressive and got us going.?I thank them for that. Michael always plays that hard every day. That makes it real hard for anybody to take a play off or think the play is over just because he will keep going after things and try to score."

Question: Is it a problem to start slow and gradually improve as the year goes on?

Jones: "It's just the first game. We have 25 more (games) to go. That's a lot of room for improvement."

Question: How did you feel about your play?

Jones: "I played all right. There are a lot of things I?could have done better, but it is still just the first game. I feel like we are going to get better and post up more. It will be a long, fun season."

Question: How important could the full-court press be this year?

Jones: "I think we will go to it a lot just to get teams to play at a fast pace and just to rattle the game.?I feel it will help us and be really to our advantage."

Question: What is the biggest thing the team will take from the game?

Jones: "Just really how much more we have to talk on defense and communicate. Just stay listening to the strategy and plan that Coach gives us really. Doing it the opposite way just doesn't look as good and doesn't get us successful results."

Question: Why is it harder than it seems for five or six McDonald's All-Americans just to come together and start off playing brilliant basketball?

Jones: "It is just a different transaction from putting all all-stars together on one team. Every freshman was probably the all-star on his team and shot the majority of shots. Now you have to alternate different roles. Playing with so many good players around you is not as easy as it seems."

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