Cats staying focused

Joker Phillips was asked if there ever was a time the coach felt like they would lose the team mentally?

Joker Phillips was asked if there ever was a time the coach felt like they would lose the team mentally? The coach said – "No, there's never a concern that they would lose the team. What we do is we always look at the next day after we've had the tough going we look our kids in their eyes and talk to them and find out where they're at and they've all been on board every time."

That might not have been a shared opinion throughout the team on the heels of a four game losing streak. At the Monday presser Winston Guy expressed a different mindset about losing the edge. He said – "A lot of us thought about that, especially myself because going in like that and losing four games in a row. You are thinking like, man, my senior season could be going down the drain and being a loser coming out.

"Everybody just buckled down. Danny (Trevathan) has been a good vocal leader for a lot of us as well as for the seniors. We're just trying to bring all the young guys along and get everybody on the same page so we can turn this season around. We don't want to end this bowl streak."

Winston Guy's position change has been a boon for him as well as for the team. Joker Phillips said he is playing faster that everybody except for Trevathan. The coach said he played that way in high school. Playing closer to the line of scrimmage has allowed him to make more tackles on players out of the backfield. "He can handle tight ends at the point of attack," Phillips said.

Ronnie Sneed spoke of the mood being a lot different coming in on Sunday and the ability to concentrate is a lot better because they are not down from a Saturday defeat. How does it impact the confidence of the defensive side when the offense puts thirty points on the board? "It allows us to play more loose," Sneed confidently said. "We know that if we make a mistake and give up a big play on the defense we know they've got our back."

So now it seemingly puts a different perspective on possible success. With the players and the coaches on the same page.

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