Kentucky has impact players among its youth

Kentucky Joker Phillips recently spoke with the media about the talented players on the Kentucky squad, many of which Kentucky has to wait on to come of age to be impact players.

Joker Phillips knows his team has a huge hurdle to overcome Saturday in Sanford Stadium. However he also knows the season could possibly tank. With that he is addressing the future.

He finally states the lack of offensive playmakers ready to presently participate on this team. Therefore he is answering the question of what the future holds. He said his teams have made a living on the screen-play that's a five-yard pass turned into a fifty-yard play.

Josh Clemons was one of those guys. "We seen him turn a five-yard screen pass into a fifty-yard play," Phillips said. "That's an easy pass for a young quarterback to make. We've seen him go seventy-three yards for a touchdown."

He said Daryl Collins is one of those guys

"Demarco Robinson is one of those guys," Phillips said.

He said Maxwell Smith is one of those guys.

Who will do the blocking?

Phillips said Zack West is getting most of the second team reps now. He said we've already seen that Darrin Miller is one of those guys.

On the defensive side he said, "Christian Coleman's going to be a really good player but he got high a couple of times (Saturday at Vandy) and got exposed. Every other play he looks like an all-conference player and he's going to be very good.

The coach also talked about Alvin "Bud" Dupree, Eric Dixon, Ashely Lowery, and Farrington Huguenin, who reported at 225-pounds and is now 265 or 270-pounds.

On the young playmakers Jokers said, "They don't always grow up as fast as we would like, and they are doing it at their pace. That's just how it works in this business."

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