Can UK break the UT winning streak?

The Mayor of Kentucky football, Lonny Demaree, breaks down the Kentucky-Tennessee game

Can Kentucky break the Tennessee winning streak over the Wildcats, which numbers twenty-six straights? The Las Vegas odds makers don't think so to the tune of 8.5 point underdog. The average objective fan doesn't think so. A good case can be made that the streak will continue. However the players feel differently and from the mind set they seem to have at the Monday presser, it can happen.

Phillips was asked if there anything about the makeup of this Kentucky team or the match up against Tennessee that make you feel this year would be different? Phillips responded - "The last couple of years I thought it would be different. The thing it comes to is who can run the ball and who can protect the ball. Last year we didn't protect the football. Last year we had our opportunities and we let the ball get away from us a couple times that in the end don't give you a chance to win big games especially when you are on the road."

He said the thing they talked about as soon as the Georgia game was over is that they have to get their team ready to play for personal pride and these seniors that have given so much for this program. He said he is sure that the seniors are taking this as their bowl game the last game that many of them will play or put on a uniform, period." Phillips said. "It's not like basketball where I played basketball ‘til I was about 38-years old until I got the second knee injury. It's not like baseball where you can play softball until you are 400-pounds and can still hit it out and can still play behind the plate. It's not like those games. Many of those guys, and that's why it's so emotional when they play their last game because you don't get to play it again."

Joker talked about how the competition level of Tennessee will be claimed to be drastically down, but he pooh, pooh that notion when he espoused the factors surrounding the Vols season. He said - "They are a really good football team. The Losses are to #1, 2, 3, 13, 14, and 16 in the country.

Running Back - Tauren Poole is a former thousand - yard rusher that's had a disappointing season. UK's running situation is deeper and comparable at the top. Advantage UK

Tight End - The Vols don't have the big stud in the person of Luke Stocker in 2010. Kentucky has had the return emergence of Anthony Kendrick, who has the ability to stretch the field and block as well. Advantage UK.

Defensive Line - A UK d-line that's beat up but if they can put all the starters on the field, they can be effective. The LSU and Georgia performances showed that. Tennessee has good talent in their d-line and the total defense is slightly better than the Cats. Advantage even.

Linebackers - Danny Trevathan, hybrid Winston Guy, and emerging Bud Dupree gives UK an effective tandem. Advantage UK.

Secondary - The Wildcat secondary played well against Georgia but has been very inconsistent this season. Tennessee has had their share of problems, also. Advantage Tennessee.

Special Teams - Many of the categories offset each other but UK has the second best punter in the league and Tennessee's punting is last in the league. Advantage UK.

Since this is the last game for the Wildcats, there is a sense of urgency but unfortunately the streak will not be broken this year. Tennessee -17, UK-13.

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