Does Darius Miller have a defined role?

Darius Miller is loaded with talent, and has the experience to aid his younger teammates.

Miller is a poster boy for experience. When he is on the floor his presence screams to the onlooker. "I have the knowledge, maturity, and poise to harness the youthful enthusiasm that sometimes runs a muck."

This team has a collection of players that when allowed to run, jump, slam-jam, and conduct a block-party, they are lethal.

However some coaches are getting a preview on how to slow the Big Blue hurricane. Play a zone and slow the pace down. And until the Cats learn how to attack the zone and gain some physicality too, as Cal says, bump and grind. He will teach them the way of the aforementioned and when he does they will, again a Cal proclamation, be able to play any way the opposition wants.

In the meantime Miller will prove very valuable in, to use a football metaphor, being a safety valve. He has the ability to take the team off life support by rescuing the late game trouble such as the display against Old Dominion. his experience of having been there; as Cal said he's played in big games and he's been on the national stage.

John Calipari addressed the physicality of the team and the exploits of Miller. "The game got physical and Terrence (Jones) didn't play through the bumps, Michael (Kidd-Gilchrist) didn't play through the bumps, the only one that played through the bumps was Darius," Cal lamented. "He got the ball where ever he wanted on the court, It was a little bit of a wake up call."

We asked Cal if Miller presently has a pronounced role on the team?

He said, "Not yet, he may be starting. The way he played the last game, I may put him in the starting lineup. We went back to some guys playing that passive game and you know what, you're not going to be on the floor. The first three minutes of the game Micheal Gilchrist just wasn't there, he didn't play well. So we've just got to keep looking as we go and we'll figure it out."

In the meantime Miller has to be the calming influence on the floor. He gets them into their offense; he gets them into the lane and scores; he rebounds the basketball; and he's assertive late in the game when the team needs him.

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