Vaught: Q&A with Kyle Wiltjer

Part One of Larry Vaught's two-part interview with Kentucky big man Kyle Wiltjer.

Question: What does coach John Calipari mean when he says he wants you to be tougher?

Kyle Wiltjer: "He just wants me to get tougher every day in practice. He said I am going against Terrence (Jones) every day. He is going to match me up to get tougher. If I can defend him and rebound against him then I can do it against the best. He just really emphasizes working on getting tougher. Getting tougher means getting a lot of rebounds and loose balls in your area. We have a lot of big guys that can rebound, but just getting those balls that are in your area."

Question: Was he ready for the extended playing time he got Sunday in the win over Old Dominion because Anthony Davis fouled out?

Wiltjer: "You have to always be ready to play. With people in foul trouble you especially have to be ready. I'm just always going to be ready for when Coach calls my name."

Question: Did he learn more about himself against Old Dominion?

Wiltjer: "Most definitely, watching film from that game we definitely learned the stuff we need to work on. They showed a lot of zone so I'm guessing coach is going to work on zone offense a lot now. The thing we did better in the second half of that game was attacking the gaps in the zone and not settling for jump shots. It definitely shows us what to work on and it was a good game for us to play because it really showed we have a will to win, even though it was close we still pulled out the win."

Question: Do you expect more teams to try and slow the pace like Old Dominion did?

Wiltjer: "We have to be ready for all sorts of things. When people don't think they can match up with us we will see all sorts of defenses. So just being ready against all sorts of zones and matchups like that. Just working every day in practice to be prepared for that."

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