VAUGHT: Cats not looking ahead

"Honestly, we have St. John's first, so I think we take it one game at a time. We will just try to get ready for that game. We just have to come out more physical."

Question: What does this team need to do to prepare for games against St. John's and North Carolina this week?

Jones: "Honestly, we have St. John's first, so I think we take it one game at a time. We will just try to get ready for that game. We just have to come out more physical. I don't know if they will shoot as many 3's as Portland, but if they do we need to work on trailing the screens and what we did poorly against Portland. We have not watched video of either team because that's not really what we players do."

Question: How confident are you in your 3-point shot now?

Jones: "I have just been working on that, so I just let it go if it is open. I don't try to take too many.?I don't try to make that a habit. I just shoot them if they are open."

Question: Has that become a more normal, comfortable part of your offensive game now?

Jones: "Yes. I?have been working on it, so it is more comfortable."

Question: What do you like best about the way freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is playing?

Jones: "Just how much he reminds me of DeAndre (Liggins). Just active all over. He's doing all the litlle things that players don't really like to do. Guarding the best player, rebounding, being on the front of the trap. He's just working hard and keeping our energy up."

Question: Did it impress you that Kidd-Gilchrist offered to come out of the starting lineup if needed to allow Darius Miller to start?

Jones: "That is unusual, but we respect one another. I feel that we are all playing for the same purpose. Everybody just wants to win. No one cares about who is getting the accolades, socring the points. We just all want to win it together. That is what makes this team fun to play with. We all respect one another on all levels. No one is playing for themselves. We are all playing for the team. It makes the game more fun and easier."

Question: How good was Kidd-Gilchrist's dunk against Portland over a defender?

Jones: "Best dunk of the game. All year probably. I don't know, but it was good."

Question: How much better of an overall player are you now compared to a year ago?

Jones: "A lot better just when it comes to my all-around game. I feel I have really stepped up on just playing with more energy the majority of the time I?am in the game on offense and defense. I am talking and helping. I just think my role is a little bit more defined and I try to perfect that."

Question: Is talking and leading on the court easier to do this year?

Jones: "I just feel comfortable. I feel like I?am talking to my brothers and trying to help them out and tell them anything I feel or can suggest and I feel that they would do the same thing."

Question: Do you feel more comfortable talking to coach Calipari this year?

Jones: "Yeah. I was comfortable last year. Coming in I just believed he knew what players needed to do to get to the level they wanted to go to, so I always listened to what he said."

Question: What do you think of the full-court press and how good can it be?

Jones: "We are just really long and it makes it difficult for teams to get it (the ball) over when you got guys like Mike (Kidd-Gilchrist) guarding you and me coming to trap."

Question: Has this team had a tendency to settle for too many jump shots so far this season?

Jones: "Yes. It's difficult when guys are sagging so deep. Coach told us that he doesn't want us to settle so much, so we are going to keep going to the hole (basket)."

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