Martin believes in Coach Phillips, and UK

"I just go to work every day. They want to win here. No question about that," Martin said.

This is the second part of Larry Vaught's interview with Kentucky receivers coach Tee Martin.

"Coach Phillips is amazing about that. He never stressed about all that," Martin said. "We had the most simple week. He never changed what he did. You never saw him stressed. Just a credit to coach Phillips."

Did he not hear the fan chatter or media speculation about his job status?

"We all hear it. I know he's heard it, but he was the same guy throughout the week," Martin said. "I think our kids relaxed, but you know they hear it. They are on Twitter and all that stuff, so you know they are hearing it a lot. For those kids to block out all that stuff and focus on what it took to win and send our seniors out on a great note and beat Tennessee, you could not ask for a better script.

"I don't know how to really explain how I?feel right now. I am so happy for Matt Roark, Winston Guy, Danny Trevathan, all those seniors who mean so much to this program. Four or five years ago they were brought here to do this and their last game as a senior they did that."

Martin knows Tennessee fans are not happy the Vols finished a second straight losing season. He also understands why Kentucky fans are disappointed and frustrated that UK did not have a winning season.

"My job, I just go to work every day. They want to win here. No question about that,"?Martin said.

That's a good thing because that was not the perception Martin had of the UK fan base when he played at Tennessee. Instead, he sensed then that maybe fans didn't expect the Wildcats to win the way they do now — and he wants fans to expect the Cats to win. He just wants fans not to bail on the team — or maybe boo like many did Saturday when UK's offense was limited by playing receiver Matt Roark at quarterback.

"The expectations are starting to change around here. When I?played, I couldn't say that it was that way. I was on the other side and fans wouldn't be unhappy (at UK with losing)," Martin said. "Now we can hopefully continue to get good players in here and win. It takes players to turn a program around and this (beating Tennessee) is going to be good for us in recruiting."

Then he perhaps showed just a bit of frustration himself at the negative chatter he's heard about the program in recent weeks.

"We need everyone to be on a positive note and stick together so that we don't get beat up with that in recruiting. If people want to help, then support who you have," he said. "Then when you get somebody else, support that person. But you have what you have right now. Support it or you are hurting it.

"Why do we want to go out and recruit and have players asking us that they just read this or that. No. If you want to help the program, support the program. We are doing our jobs. The kids are doing their jobs. Coach Phillips is doing his job and I feel like we will get this turned the right way."

He was so certain that UK could win Saturday that Martin had let it be known he might dance on the field and hang from the goal post when the Cat won.

"We said we were going to go out and be hanging from the goal post, but we didn't make it. The crowd had already taken the field. I was ready to go and headed that way, but I did get to throw Gatorade on (offensive coordinator) Randy (Sanders), so that counted," Martin said. "But I always believed we could win. Maybe not many others did, but I?did because I believe in coach Phillips and I believe in this program."

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