Calipari: Media not promoting academics

Brandon Knight and John Wall are two examples of Kentucky players who were both one-and-done, yet serious academic students. Both reportedly managed 4.0 GPAs in their final semester at the University of Kentucky. Yet the media generally ignores that, and John Calipari recently called them out--or at least, one media member in particular--for just that transgression.

"Because I have guys leaving after one year, if it is a question about academics, you're only going to promote when they do poorly? And you're not going to promote when they do well," Calipari addressed the media before Kentucky faced Lamar, clearly with something on his mind. "You ask the question, but only ask the question when they do one (poorly)?"

Kentucky's team GPA during the fall semester was a respectable 2.73 GPA. Some individual players, such as NBA lottery picks John Wall and Brandon Knight, have had stellar academic careers at Kentucky, albeit ever-so-briefly, leaving for the NBA after just one season. Leaving early often leads media and others to speculate that the players do not care about academics.

"It's not true. They do care," Calipari exclaimed, before calling out media for their lack of attention.

One media member in particular interrupted the semi-rant, Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader. "Who are these people that are only promoting one agenda? You seem to be aware of it," Tipton inquired?

"You throw that rock in a pack of dogs, Jerry, the one you hit will start yelping," Calipari fired back. "Jerry, you're telling on yourself. You're telling on yourself, but it's ok."

"I'm proud of these kids academically," Calipari further explained. "I'm proud of what they do under the circumstance. They walk outof Wildcat Lodge in the morning, and there are people outside in cars asking them for autographs."

"For these kids, they don't have to do anything. It's their choice what they do academically. But they are loyal to us, they are loyal to themselves, and they are loyal to their families, so I am proud of them."

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