Kentucky odds-on favorite to win SEC

One of the most reliable statistical predictors over time has been Ken Pomeroy's website. The predictions, formed by statistical simulations, have Kentucky nearly a three out of four odds-on favorite to win the Southeastern Conference.

As highly-ranked as Kentucky is nationally, the 73% figure may seem low. According to Ken Pomeroy's blog, though, that's more of the result of Florida's excellent pre-conference performance than anything derogatory toward Kentucky. Florida is predicted to be Kentucky's strongest challenger, at 18%.

Alabama is the second-most likely team to unseat Kentucky from the top berth in the SEC, according to Pomeroy, but at only 8%, not more than a slugger's chance at the title.

Perhaps surprisingly, a Mississippi State team with some outstanding talent is shown at only 0.54% chance of winning the SEC. Pomeroy explains, "the ratings say Mississippi State is the most overrated team in the land. They'll have a chance to correct that in Wednesday's showdown with Baylor."

We might disagree with Pomeroy to the extent that Vanderbilt's chances are shown as even more remote than Mississippi State's chances. But overall, neither appear to present a true challenge to the top three this season in the SEC.

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