Betting public agrees: UK to win SEC

Earlier today we posted Ken Pomeroy's statistical analysis of the SEC favorites showing UK the odds-on favorite to win. The betting public agrees, as the odds are even more in UK's favor to win here.

The preseason line to win the Southeastern Conference had the Kentucky Wildcats a -125 favorite to win the league. In every day usage, that means that someone betting on Kentucky to win the SEC would have to bet $125 to win $100 if they won against the other eleven teams.

That's an overwhelming favorite, but according to "," the odds have swung even more in favor of the Cats since the season began. Today the odds are an astouding -300 in favor of Kentucky. This means that a person would have to wager $300 to win just $100 if, and only if, Kentucky won the league.

Perhaps surprisingly, Alabama has moved into the strongest challenger position with the bettors. The Crimson Tide, who began the year at +800, are now down to +350 or +300, meaning that a $100 wager on them to win would pay off with $300 or $350 if successful. is using two sources, and the odds are slightly different with some teams.

Vanderbilt, at +500 or +400, is next, and Florida, at +500 or +550 round out the top four.

For more on the favorites for all the major conferences, review this article.

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