Cal comes up with another recruiting tool

When it comes to using the recruiting rules to the fullest advantage can anyone top the job John Calipari has done at Kentucky?

When it comes to using the recruiting rules to the fullest advantage can anyone top John Calipari?

On Monday night he provided the Big Blue Nation a Christmas gift that may keep giving, at least for a while. Calipari's gift was the live streaming of a practice session with his current Kentucky squad.

While Kentucky fans who watched the live feed of practice were able to enjoy watching Calipari provide instruction to his team. It is highly unlikely that those tuning into the live feed were limited to Kentucky fans.

I would think that a number of recruits and/or their family members took the opportunity to watch the video feed and assess the Kentucky coach and his team as a possible destination for college.

The live streaming of a practice session is not prohibited by NCAA rules, and neither is the feed being viewed by potential recruits, their family members, or others than influence a recruit's decision.

This is yet another example of Calipari using existing NCAA rules to give his Wildcats a recruiting advantage.

Calipari has often commented on his disdain for the one and done rule the NBA has used for the last several years. This has not prevented Calipari from using the rule to his advantage and luring some of the top talent in the nation to Kentucky. One only need to look at the recruiting success of Kentucky since Calipari arrived. The coach has used the rule to his advantage in luring three consecutive #1 ranked classes to the Lexington campus.

Calipari's 2012 class is within striking distance of a fourth consecutive #1 ranked class. The recent NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement will likely send at least part of last season's top ranked class to the draft, which will make room for more top talent to find its way to Lexington when the spring signing period arrives in April.

Obviously Calipari is doing a great job working within the rules to make his program appealing to recruits. Calipari constantly markets his product, which in this instance is his team. The Kentucky coach is not one to turn down an appearance on national sports talk shows, ESPN segments, etc. These appearances are an opportunity for people to hear about Kentucky basketball.

However, mere marketing is not enough to continue the string of highly ranked recruits coming to Lexington. The reality is that these recruits may learn more about Kentucky by watching a live feed of a Kentucky practice session, or by seeing Calipari on ESPN; but kids keep lining up to come to Kentucky because Calipari is going to make them better basketball players and enhance their potential to be drafted higher and earlier than other coaches during the current era.

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