VAUGHT: Post-game (Wild)CatChat

Join Larry Vaught in the locker room postgame for more tidbits from Kentucky coaches and players, and from the Louisville dressing room, or hallway, too.

Kentucky coach John Calipari on starting Michael Kidd-Gilchrist out guarding Chris Smith: "I was going to put him on (Peyton) Siva, but I imagine they prepared all week for that. Kind of like the Indiana game, 5.6 seconds, two fouls to give, I was going to trick them again.

So we said, ‘You know what, let him guard the other (Russ) Smith. The other (Russ) Smith is the one that really has stepped up his game.' Siva is still very good, but I thought Marquis (Teague) could play Siva and bother him a little bit. I thought with Anthony Davis in there, you know, he's not going to get as many layups. I did it right before game time. But we were going to put him on Siva to say, Let's take him out of the game like we did a year ago. But something in me said, ‘We're not doing that.'"

Kentucky senior Darius Miller on UK's 32-for-43 free throw shooting: "We've been doing pretty good in practice working on it. Coach makes us run depending on how many (free throws) we miss. I think we've done a better job of making free throws and getting to the free throw line. I know we shot a lot of free throws last game, too. Hopefully, we continue to do this and continue to knock them down."

Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis on how game compared to Indiana or North Carolina: "It was about the same. They really competed and we were up by 10, eleven and we fell back. (The atmosphere) was more crazy. The crowd was crazy because of the rivalry. So it was fun. We just go out there and play."

Kentucky freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on being a team leader: "I saw an article where somebody said I was maturing, and I think I?am. I try to outwork everybody. That's how you lead. I can lead by example of being vocal, but I?prefer to lead by just letting everybody see what I do to win."

Sophomore Terrence Jones on his first-half dunk to end a 13-0 Louisville run: "That's what I?have been trying to work on — finishing strong even with my hand hurting. I got a great pass from Marquis (Teague). I was just in the right spot. His pass is what made the play, not my dunk."

Calipari on Louisville's effort, especially to close the game: "No, they were good. But we expected it. I mean, I knew they'd come in here and play. They did. I mean, they battled. That's how they play. They don't stop till the whistle goes. Instead of us being up 12 or 13, whatever it was, if it was a 6-point game, we may have lost that game. That's what I tried to explain to my team after. And there was no reason for it. It was us.

"Now you gave them a chance to do this, and they did what a good team does: they made their shots. If it was a 6-point game, we just went overtime."

Louisville coach Rick Pitino on Kentucky: "We did a good job but they are a really good basketball team. We didn't mind fouling (Anthony) Davis, it looked like he was a shaky free throw shooter and suddenly looked like Jerry West out there, I don't know what happened there. They have a really nice basketball team, they play together and are really tough to guard, they will go a long way this year."

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