Beckham is a newcomer with SEC experience

Twany Beckham became eligible at the end of the fall semester. As Kentucky enters SEC play his presence could become more of a factor given his penchant for playing tough defense and coming to Kentucky with SEC experience.

Twany Beckham arrived from Transfer U, aka Mississippi State last winter and became eligible at the conclusion of the fall term. He is the lone Kentucky newcomer to enter SEC play having had SEC experience.

Beckham was asked if he approaches road games different than home games.

"I have been having the same mindset, but now that I see I can get the opportunity to get on the floor more, I just have to make it happen."

As a more experienced player what does the transfer junior see as his strength?

"Defense definitely is one of my strengths."

Having primarily played the point at both the high school level and at the college level there has been an adjustment for the 6-5 guard as he has been utilized as a wing player for the Wildcats. How is he adjusting to playing the wing?

"I am getting the plays down better. Moving to the wing was a big adjustment, and I am starting to run the plays more."

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