Quoting Kyle Wiltjer

Kentucky freshman forward Kyle Wiltjer participated in Monday's press conference.

During Monday's press conference Kentucky freshman Kyle Wiltjer was asked about how tough practices have been.

"It's definitely tough when you're tired and having to push through the pain; especially when you have workouts and then practice and weights and things like that. It's definitely an adjustment, but I'm glad I'm here," said Wiltjer.

Wiltjer was asked to share his thoughts on the team once again being ranked number one.

The freshman said, "We're still going to look at every game the same way. We'll prepare for every opponent regardless of what they're ranked. We don't like to look at the numbers. We just want to get better as a team as the season goes on. But it's always nice to be at the top of the pack, it definitely brings joy to us. Everyone is going to play their best game against you though, so we have to be ready every game. We've come a long way since we were No. 1 the first time, so I definitely think it will be a little easier and we just want to play every game like it's our last."

Wiltjer commented on the close win over Alabama over the weekend.

"That game just shows our will to win. We've had a couple close games that we've pulled out. We hopefully won't be as close in the future but a win is a win," Wiltjer said.

How does Wiltjer view his improvement this season?

The forward replied, "I just feel like I've been better on defense, with angles and being in the right spots, doing what Coach Calipari asks. I've gotten a lot better in all aspects of my game because we've been working hard in the gym. Getting better has been a combination of everything; film study, practicing more, playing more. Going against Terrence [Jones] and Anthony [Davis] in tough ways every day in practice and also just knowing where you are on the floor and listening to Coach Calipari and the advice he has for me. He's there for me and he wants me to get better. Then just watching film and trying to learn from my mistakes and trying to become better."

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