Quoting Terrence Jones

Kentucky sophomore forward Terrence Jones participated in Monday's press conference.

Terrence Jones was asked on Monday about the teams elevation to the number one ranking in the polls. Does it change anything?

Jones said, "It's pretty much going to be the same for right now. Just for the teams playing us, we've got the target on our back. It's going to be the same. We're going to have to come in to every game knowing that teams are going to play their best or as hard as they can."

Does the team expect every game to be like the Indiana game?

"I think it's going to be the same. The last couple games the other teams have been playing their best. We've still been pulling it out so hopefully we'll just keep executing down the stretch and get the same results," said Jones.

Is it easier to be ranked at the top later in the season?

"I think it's the same. It's just what comes with it. Every team wants to beat you, especially at away games," said Jones.

Have his younger teammates been impacted by the pressure of playing at the level Kentucky plays?

Jones said, "No, especially because of how much we do it together and how much we depend on one another. It's not really built on one player to do too much. Every guy puts in his fair share of work."

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