Calipari discusses Doron Lamb

Calipari said that he expects Tennessee's Skylar McBee to be physical with Lamb, and wants him to be more aggressive and get to the free throw line more.

Kentucky coach John Calipari on Doron Lamb's play.

"(Doron's) OK. I still think he's better than he's playing and again the rough house game. (Skylar) McBee is going to get up in him, now are you going to fade from that or are you going to create the contact, go to the line and make two free-throws? Are you going to get to the rim and draw fouls or are you going to run and avoid the contact and throw it and hope it goes in? The way we are being played it is very important. What has happened, Darius Miller is playing really aggressive offensively. He's getting in the middle, he's making that little floater, he's making his shots, he's going strong to the rim, and he's dunking balls when he can. He, offensively, is playing like he did at the end of the year, last year."

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