Quoting Terrence Jones

Comments by Kentucky sophomore forward Terrence Jones at today's press conference.

Comments by Kentucky sophomore forward Terrence Jones at today's press conference.

On his importance and impact on the team …

"I think every player that plays a large amount of minutes is important and can step up in different games. I think last year that was a big key to how far we went is a different player making a big impact in each game of the tournament."

On the helpfulness Anthony Davis drawing some

defense and giving him more space … "Yeah, I mean when we go to the lane right now, I mean they've been trying to make charges on me still a lot, his man. But it's just been easy playing with everybody that can play around you."

On not having any double-doubles this season …

"I mean it's hard to rebound with all these dudes on my team. There are three dudes trying to get ten each game. I don't even keep track during the game so I just play it by what they say at the end of the game. I didn't even know I had nine (rebounds vs. LSU); I would've asked Coach [Calipari] for another 30 seconds or something. But it's just fun playing."

On if they are playing the best basketball and what to improve on …

"I think right now we're playing real well and just getting a lot of chemistry with so many games. And Marquis [Teague] just running the team and running the floor like he's been, letting it be our pace of the game, executing when we need to, it's just been coming down to him and I think that's why we've been so successful on offense."

On Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's importance to the team…

"That's what you need on your team to win is guys that can have still impacts even when they don't have scoring games. And for this game we could be like that for guys all the time with other guys being hot. So as long as they're still making progress for us to win it's still good to have him in."

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