Vaught: Checking in on Cody Quin

Coach Troy Everhart on Cody Quin: "He is Southern fast. He is as fast as any kid I have ever coached. He is a physical kid, too. He ain't some little guy you put out there at cornerback because he cannot hit. He will smack you."

It's not hard for Middletown (Ohio) coach Troy Everhart to describe how fast University of Kentucky football commit Cody Quinn is.

"He is Southern fast. He is as fast as any kid I have ever coached," said Everhart of the 5-10, 160-pound Quinn. "He is a physical kid, too. He ain't some little guy you put out there at cornerback because he cannot hit. He will smack you."

Quinn, who has been timed in 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash, had three interceptions (one touchdown), one forced fumble, one sack and 30 tackles last season.

"What's amazing to me is that he really kept his head in the game even though only one team really threw at him. He could have been bored, but he kept his head in the game and did a great job. He has a great football IQ, too," Everhart said. "Nobody went near him from week one to week nine. In week nine, the team went after him and he picked two of them off.

"This year was also the first time for him to get some touches on offense, which kept him more focused. He is such a weapon in the slot. He took every snap on defense and we rotated him in on offense."

Everhart doesn't think Kentucky plans to use him on offense based on how defensive coordinator Rick Minter and secondary coach Mike Cassity recruited him.

"But I could easily see with how fast he is putting a few plays in a package for him. We did and just told him to take the ball and run fast. Two games he ripped off 70-yard runs and nobody could catch him," Everhart said.

Quinn, who runs the 100-meter dash in track, laughs when asked how fast he is.

"If you see my senior film, you will see how fast I?am," Quinn, a three-star recruit, said.

He also confirmed that he likes contact.

"I love hitting. That's why I did not like offense. I wanted to do the hitting, not be the guy that got hit," Quinn said. "I do like returning kicks. A couple of cuts and you are off to the races and gone. Coach Joker (Phillips) told me I would get a chance to do that.

"I know I?have a chance to play right away. There is an open spot (at cornerback) and I?have to prove I am ready, but I?have an opportunity to make an impact. I am ecstatic about coming to Kentucky. I?loved it on my visit. I?love the players and fans. I?love the thought of playing in the SEC and getting a great education."

Everhart was at Middletown only for Quinn's final season, but he likes everything about his speedy cornerback.

"He is a great assignment kid. Whatever you give him to do, he will be there," Everhart said. "He's a very personable kid. He is not one of those chest-beaters. He always treats people with respect. He has a great smile and people enjoy being engaged by him, but he's not a vocal, wild guy. So many factors go into how good he will be at Kentucky, but if he continues to do what he did for me this year the sky is the limit. He's that good."

Quinn originally gave a verbal commitment to Illinois. When coach Ron Zook was fired, he decided to re-open his recruitment. New UK?secondary coach Mike Cassity was "relentless" in his pursuit of Quinn, according to Everhart, and had almost convinced him to visit Marshall before Cassity changed jobs.

"I was not involved in why he chose Illinois, but since Mike got involved in the recruiting of Cody he was great talking with grandparents and Cody. Cody is also friends with a former Middletown kid that Mike coached at Marshall," Everhart said. "We can recruit all we want as adults, but if you are not doing a good job with kids, kids find out."

Quinn admitted it "opened my eyes" about Kentucky when Cassity joined the Wildcats. The cornerback also started talking to Phillips more and then knew he wanted to be a Wildcat once he took his visit.

"I've had a lot of head coaches come through my office, but Joker is as fine a guy as I have ever seen. He is as classy a guy as I've ever been around," Everhart said. "Joker and all his coaches were very, very good with Cody and his family.

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