Oledon Stupid Underdog Picks 2011

KSR was saddened this year to lose two very fine members, Don Lewis, aka "Oledon," and Jonathan McIntyre, aka "Mac," two big Kentucky football fans and terrific people. They both enjoyed the game "Stupid Underdog Picks," a game that is one part skill, one part luck, and one part silly, and this year's winner, bigronhahn1011, has asked for them to be named in his stead as 2011 winners.

Oledon and Mac (also known as bigbluemold on the boards) both enjoyed all Kentucky sports, and especially football season. They appreciated the camaraderie of KSR members on the message boards, and the "just-for-fun" games we all played together, such as Doc's Beat the Odds, and "Stupid Underdog Picks."

This year we honored Oledon's memory in renaming the game permanently in his honor as "Oledon's Stupid Underdog Picks." Don used to volunteer his time and efforts in helping grade the contest on a weekly basis, and without so much as a thank you requested, often had the grading done before others could awaken Monday morning.

Mac was a good, long-time player of the games as well, and served often to promote KSR and the people on it. He loved Kentucky football and wanted nothing but the best for his beloved blue.

This year a relative newcomer to the world of the KSR games had a tremendous last six weeks of the season, bigronhahn1011. Bigronhahn1011 hit the last four weeks of the season with a correct stupid underdog picks, sometimes a double-digit-dog, and won five of the last six weeks to come out of nowhere and capture this year's crown. While posting the final standings for this year, bigronhahn1011 suggested that the crown be laid at the feet of two gentlemen we lost, and so much admired, and name them jointly as the "winners" for this season. "I didn't know OleDon or Mac," bigronhahn1011 said. "But I think it would be fitting that in their honor they shall be remembered as the 2011 winners of OleDon's SUP."

So Oledon and Mac, this one is for you. We love you, and miss you, and you'll always be winners to us all. Rest in peace, friends.

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