It's not quite the "99%" club--yet, and John Calipari is just short of a 90/99 club, but the success he has obtained at Memphis and Kentucky since 2006 is eye-popping good.

Since 2006, John Calipari has coached in 250 NCAA games.

And won 223 of them. That's a winning percentage of 89.2%. To put that in perspective, in a normal season of about 35 games, that would translate into a record of better than 31-4.

Every year.

Simply astouding. But want to hear something that may be even more incredible? Naturally, Calipari's winning percentage at home is a little higher than it is on the road. But how much higher can it be, with the winning percentage overall already approaching 90%?

A lot higher, apparently.

With tonight's victory over the Tennessee Volunteers, John Calipari remains undefeated at Rupp Arena at 47-0. Earlier in his career he also had a 47-0 streak at Memphis (coincidentally, ended by tonight's opponent, Tennessee). And overall, since 2006, Calipari is an astronomical 112-2 at home, or 98.25%.

Even at Kentucky, that's pretty good. When he gets to 100%, UK fans will be satisfied.

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