Doc's Beat the Odds

He's wiley, crafty, and maybe even a little bit smart--he's the KSR "Doc" and master of the "Beat the Odds" game we play each week at Kentucky Sports Report. Beat the Odds, or "BTO," for short, is a game requiring each KSR member to pick teams that will "beat the odds" in their game that week. The one who gets the most pick wins, but watch out for the dreaded "oh-fer" sombrero.

The basic rules are outlined on the Kentucky Sports Report basketball message board, but generally each week Doc select five basketball games to include in the contest that will be played during the weekend. You will generally find a Kentucky basketball game there, and may find the UK women's basketball game in there from time to time as well.

Doc will provide a "point spread" for each game, a line he develops and doesn't wait for the boys in Vegas to make their own. Often it's similar; occasionally, Doc's is different--but it's always the one we use.

A player chooses all five games, deciding which team will "beat the odds." There is some flexibility in the game, as Doc allows one game to be skipped--using a "ten foot pole" option--and picking another game that will be worth double--the infamous "double shock" game. Generally the rules require that the Kentucky game be played and not "ten foot poled," but otherwise, players are left to their own choices.

For more information, check out Doc's explanation on the basketball board. Enjoy!

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