Davis flirts with triple-double

Anthony Davis led all players with 18 points, eight rebounds and seven blocked shots.

Early in the second half of Tuesday's game with Tennessee it became obvious to the most cautious observed that a Kentucky win was at hand. With the win in hand for the Wildcats fans and non-fans alike had one very strong reason to continue to watch the game.

Anthony Davis.

Davis, who had another outstanding game, finished with 18 points, eight rebounds and seven blocked shots. Davis not only flirted with a triple-double, but walked up to her and nearly asked her to dance.

The Kentucky forward has flirted with a triple-double previously, but had not come this close in previous attempts.

Just how rare are triple-doubles?

At Kentucky they are very rare. Only one player has recorded a triple-double. Kentucky's one and only triple-double was recorded during the last year of the Eddie Sutton era by Chris Mills on December 27, 1988 during an 85-77 win over Austin Peay in Louisville. Mills finished the game with 19 points, ten rebounds and ten assists.

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