Quoting Doron Lamb

Doron Lamb interview prior to playing South Carolina.

Kentucky guard Doron Lamb was interviewed prior to the team departing to play South Carolina.

On what's different about this year's team on the road this year from last year's team …

"We have a deep team this year. We know how to close games out. The crowds don't affect us really because we have a lot of talented players on the court and if somebody's not having a good night, somebody else will take their spot for them and finish it."

On how aware they are that "the meat" of their schedule is still ahead with five out of their last seven games against ranked league opponents …

"It doesn't really matter though. We take every game like they're No. 1 in the country like us, so we have to win every game so far and we're not trying to lose anymore. So we just have to keep playing hard in practice and keep playing hard in the game."

On how February is usually a taxing time for freshmen and what he remembers about this time last year …

"I really forgot about last year, like seriously. I really forgot the whole thing about last year. I'm not really worried about last year; I'm worried about this year. We have a great team this year and we have a great group of freshmen, and I think they're ready for this month and the rest of the season."

On (South Carolina guard) Bruce Ellington

"He's a good player – very strong, comes off a lot of ball screens and plays a lot of defense. So he's a great player. We have to worry about him a little bit and then worry about their big man."

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