Phillips talks about UK's O-line signees

Kentucky signed offensive lineman that Joker Phillips are big enough and talented enough to play in the SEC early in their careers.

In football the battle begins in the trenches with your linemen. In the SEC

On signing day the University of Kentucky signed five offensive lineman. The five are Jordan Swindle, T.J. Jones, Jon Toth (pictured), Jordan Watson and Zach Myers. The signees tip the scales at an average of 283 pounds, and have an average height of 6-5. The size of these players make them different than many offensive linemen Kentucky has signed in the past, they are already SEC sized lineman.

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips is much like basketball coach John Calipari, in that they will take talent over experience.

Phillips spoke of the advantages of signing kids of their size and talent on signing day.

Phillips said, "It definitely helps when you can bring in offensive linemen that look like SEC offensive linemen. Now, their strength levels might not be up there yet but we brought one in last year in Darrian Miller whose strength levels weren't there, but he was athletic enough and mentally he could handle it, therefore he was -- and, again, talent will overcome experience and his talent overcame some of the experienced guys that was in front of him."

"We think these guys are talented enough, we got to get 'em physically ready to compete at a high level, but physically their bodies, they have long arms, at the tackle position. We have a couple of guys that have enough strength to play inside, we just got to get 'em prepared mentally."

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