Have the Wildcats peaked too early?

The notion first popped up as the Wildcats were trouncing the Gamecocks in Columbia, and came to light at Monday's press conference when John Calipari was asked if his team had peaked too soon.

During Monday's press conference Kentucky coach John Calipari was asked if he was concerned about his team peaking too early. The question was referring to Kentucky's play during a blowout road win over the South Carolina Gamecocks.

The Kentucky coach did not see a perfect game from his team, and noted areas where his team could have performed better against the Gamecocks.

Calipari said, "What you had last game was seven guys played and that's when you have that kind of score. But when I watched the tape, there were still breakdowns. Guys stopped playing at times and they shouldn't have been in the game and they should have taken themselves out or I should have recognized it."

After mentioning the areas in which his team did not play as well as he desires the Kentucky coach spoke of things his team did well, and what challenges will be faced as the Wildcats prepare to face the Florida Gators in Rupp Arena.

Calipari continued, "We're passing the ball to each other. We're being stronger. Terrence Jones is giving us a physical presence now that we didn't have three weeks ago, four weeks ago. Our freshmen are just getting better. Doron Lamb should be, in my opinion, a lottery pick. Well, play like one, play like one. Don't look at me or anybody else, play like one. That's what I think he is and so last game he played like one. He can play point, he can score, he got to the rim, he got fouled. It's what he is. You can't jog up and down the court and act like this stuff doesn't matter and be a lottery pick. You have to motor. You have to battle and he did that. It shows. Darius (Miller) played well. We all played well last game. Now we're going against a team that is similar to us in that they went through that stretch where they weren't physical enough and (Billy Donovan) had those killer practices and now all of the sudden it's changed the dynamic of their team. They're playing more physical. Just like we went up to Tennessee, they did exactly the same thing to us that they did to Florida. Exactly. And now, it was good for us. This game is good for our team. People ask, ‘Why do you say that?' Because every opponent we play, especially as they get better, this team will experience it for the first time. You're starting three freshmen and two sophomores. It's all new."

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