Posterized, Davis & father talk about poster

The father of Kentucky player Anthony Davis, Anthony Davis Sr., said it was special knowing what UK?did for his son.

Many fans came to Rupp Arena early for one specific reason — to make sure they got an Anthony Davis poster.

Posters of Davis were placed on every seat in Rupp Arena before Tuesday's win over Florida. Posters are not for sale and only those attending the game were able to secure posters. The poster was modeled after a famous Michael Jordan poster and promoted Davis as the national defensive payer of the year.

"To know 24,000 people in the world have a poster with my picture on it is a great feeling, especially making it after Michael Jordan, the greatest player who has ever played. It was great," said Davis, who had 16 points and six rebounds in the 78-58 win. "It's real cool. I really looked up to Mike. A lot of guys did. To have it remade after him was something."

The poster shows Davis with his arms outstretched over top of 10 basketballs placed side to side.

"I was laughing. I think ESPN was holding a camera on Marquis (Teague) and Doron (Lamb) sitting down, and Marquis was holding the poster and the camera was on it before the game," Davis said.

The freshman said the whole idea caught him by surprise.

"They (UK athletics) threw it on me. I was going to get a hair cut, and they told, ‘Come to the gym, you got a photo shoot,'" Davis said. "I was like, ‘What?' I needed a hair cut."

Davis said after the game he had "zero" posters for himself.

"But I guarantee they have some for me," he said.

One Kentucky fan before the game approached Florida fans sitting behind the Florida bench and pleaded with them to give him their posters. They all did.

"I've heard a lot of people really wanted them," Davis said.

His father, Anthony Davis Sr., said it was special knowing what UK?did for his son.

"We're just very appreciative they went to all that trouble to do a poster of him," Davis' father said before the game.

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