Vaught: Q & A with Anthony Davis

Larry Vaught's interview with Kentucky's Anthony Davis following the 78-58 win over Florida.

Question: Why does Michael Kidd-Gilchrist always seem to play so well in big games?

Davis: "He is always an energy guy. He is always the guy telling us, ‘Let's go. We are in this game.' He is always doing the little things. Rebounding, which he did a great job of tonight. He makes easy plays, looks for other guys. Ballhandling and going the full length of the court. He is just a great player.

"He just has that motor always going. Even if we are struggling, he will get us going. We know he can always take his man off the dribble. We always look for him to get us going and once he does and starts getting the crowd into it, we become a whole different ball club."

Question: Does he get better as the stage gets bigger?

Davis: "Guarantee you he does. Most definitely."

Question:?What does it mean that Florida coach Billy Donovan said he liked this team's disposition and way it plays together?

Davis: "We are doing all the right things. We are playing together. Especially when another coach says that, which he is a great club that plays together as well. It is just a great honor and shows the word we are doing things right. They play excellent together. No one was jacking up shots. They were looking for each other. They really had to make us play the whole 40 minutes. It was great going against them. We had great matchups. This team made us better."

Question: Did Kentucky want to send message with a big win over a ranked team?

Davis: "No. We just went out there and played hard and did all the things that we were told to do. We came out and executed and started off a little slow, but we always do that. Then we came out and got the win."

Question: How hard is it to beat Kentucky when the team shoots 52.7 percent overall and 60 percent from 3-point range?

Davis: "It's very hard, especially when we are driving. We have the lob, the person who is driving has the layup and you have people to kick out for the 3. We have a lot of different weapons and it's really hard to stop that."

Question:?Wasn't there one play where Florida center Patric Young was so concerned with the lob to you that he let Marquis Teague drive and score on a layup?

Davis: "Yeah. He actually when we were running back on defense told me and said, ‘Man, I thought he was going to throw that to you and I was staying on you and I gave up a layup.' I was telling Marquis to do that every time and just go in thinking layup first and then just throw it if need to. We are doing that more."

Question: Was the left-hand hook a move you have been working on all along or have you had that shot all along?

Davis: "No, I actually wasn't holding the ball right. I was too far behind the basket and was trying to adjust myself while I was in the air to try and shoot it over. I?have been working on that. Me and some other guys have been working on our jump hooks. We know if we get our post game going it will just open things up more for our shooters."

Question: So that's a shot you will use again?

Davis: "Yeah, definitely."

Question: How do you stay so grounded with all the attention and accolades you receive?

Davis: "First, all this just started happening for me not to long ago. I know it is easy for all of this to go away. If you start getting big-headed, it's easy for things to go wrong for you. You have to stay level headed and grounded. If you do that, then great things will come."

Question:?Do you have people like your parents who help you do that?

Davis: "Most definitely. They are always telling me that wasn't good enough and you could do this better or that better. Watch film. Don't watch the good things, watch the bad things. Always working out. They do a great job for that."

Question: Can this team make an even bigger statement now by going to Vanderbilt and also winning Saturday night and if so, what would that say?

Davis: "We are a great team and we play hard. No matter who we are playing, we just try to go out here and do the best we can. Coach Cal says some teams are worried about losing. We are not worried about losing. We are worried about getting better. When it comes down to tournament time, then we will be ready for that time."

Question: Can this team still play better than it has?

Davis: "We still had some mistakes. We will watch film Thursday and see what we did wrong, but we did a good job on the defensive end, though."

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