Kevin Stallings on Kentucky and Davis

Vanderbilt's Kevin Stallings discusses the Kentucky Wildcats and freshman forward Anthony Davis.

Is Kentucky the best team in the league?

"They are certainly very good. I would put them right up there with some of the best I?have seen, yes, particularly on the defensive end. I think they are outstanding. I think this Kentucky team is as good as a lot of the really really good teams, great teams I have seen in our league the years I have been in it. I would expect they would continue to do very well and have a great chance to make a run at the national championship

Can Kentucky run the table in the SEC?

"I think it is very, very difficult actually. I don't recall it being done one time since I have been in the league which would speak to the difficulty of it. Because of the way they defend, they have a chance to do it. They are really a terrific defensive team. They are a good offensive team, but their defense gives them a chance to win every night. It was disappointing to lose to Kentucky, but we lost to a great team."

Can Anthony Davis sweep the national awards?

"I would be surprised if there was anybody out there who was any better. I can't profess to say I study all the top players or who would be the best candidates for player of year but I have a hard time believing anybody could have more impact on the success of a team than Anthony Davis is and that would be whether it is a freshman or any other classification. I can't imagine a more impactful defensive player in all of college basketball than he is. I would not be surprised in the least if he swept all the awards, and he would be very deserving."

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