Donovan discusses Kentucky running the table

Florida coach Billy Donovan discusses the prospects of Kentucky running the table in the SEC

Florida coach Billy Donovan was asked about the prospects of the Kentucky Wildcats running the table in the Southeastern Conference.

"I think any time in any league it is very difficult, very hard. There are going to be games where you are not at your best and have setbacks or things do not go well," Donovan said. "I don't know how many they have had like that, but when those come they have the ability to win in a lot of ways. When one way is not working for you, you can rely on something else to win.

"They are a good shooting team, but not a great shooting team. If they have a bad shooting game, they can still do other things defensively, posting up, getting to the free throw line. What makes a team special is being able to win in a variety of ways. They can win a slowdown, fast, without shooting the ball well. I think they can win in almost any kind of situation they are in."

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