Tee Martin's departure, and replacement

KSR's Lonny Demaree takes Tee Martin's departure in stride, points out the pluses in Martin being a part of UK's staff. Demaree also pitches his preferred candidate for Martin's replacement, Craig Yeast.

Tee Martin...

This is a big loss for Joker Phillips' staff. But a coach wants someone on their staff others want. We knew when Joker Phillips hired Martin that he was hot property. The Big Blue Nation should view that it as being a plus to have had Martin for two recruiting classes. Those classes should start to show their worth this fall. This was a great move for Martin's career. Southern Cal will unboubtably be a challenger for the national championship this season.

The wide receiver coach job has to remain open for seven working days before a hire is made. Phillips, knowing that services of Martin were sought by many, should have a short list of possible replacements.

I feel that Craig Yeast should be on that short list.

What would make Yeast an attractive choice?

1) He did a very good job turning Lexington Bryan Station around.

2) Yeast is very energetic.

3) He relates to his kids very well and get the best out of them.

4) His name was the buzz at the Border Bowl All-Star game praising his coaching ability.

5) He was a record setting wide receiver in the SEC and would have tremendous name recognition when walked in a coaches office to recruit one of his youngsters.

6) He is a good family man with good morals.

7) and finally Yeast would have tremendous juice for the job at his alma mater, bringing the energy and charisma that will be needed to recruit for Kentucky.

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