Calhoun: Cal marches to his own drummer

Calhoun discusses Kentucky coach John Calipari when asked about him by the media

Almost as soon as Mike D'Antoni resigned Wednesday as coach of the New York Knicks, rumors started surfacing that Kentucky coach John Calipari would be interested in returning to the NBA. The Kentucky coach posted a message on Twitter denying any interest in the job and then briefly addressed it again during his press conference.

"Every job that's open, including high school jobs and AAU jobs, my name is mentioned. So no (I have no interest). But I just wanted to say, I have a great job. The best in this profession. That's what I said (on Twitter)," Calipari said.

Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun, who sends his team against BYU tonight after UK?plays Western Kentucky, was asked if he could see Calipari going back to the NBA and if a coach might be more likely to do that after he wins a national championship.

"John at present rate, based upon numbers, is going in the Hall of Fame, assuming he stays in college basketball," Calhoun said. "If you stick with it and you smell it enough, you'll get it. So I don't think it's a case of John winning or not winning a national championship.

"Can I imagine John going in the NBA or anything else? Yes. Or anything else? Yes. I think John very simply marches — always has, even when he was a young guy, when he was at Pitt — marches to his own drummer, and I think that John has taken that and obviously done a very good job coaching-wise and otherwise.

"Let's put it this way. Maybe in your own set of mind, would you think it's some sort of standard, because I heard a lot of years until I won a few — you know, he's on the landscape now. You really don't have to look, find, and come up with a much better coach, quite frankly. I know he has a lot of very good talent. He does a lot with that very good talent.

"My point being simply, if he feels that way, what you're talking, that's the difference. I've never had a chance to ask him, nor would I really. It's going to be his choice. He certainly can handle the players, that's one thing. And I've always said that some of our best teams are much more difficult to handle because of talent, and he's done a remarkable job doing that.

"I don't think he has to prove anything more in college basketball if he got a very good NBA job, if that's what he'd want to do. I personally don't think he has to prove anything."

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