Kentucky football fans have to adjust

Kentucky fans are adjusting to the concept of football players leaving the program due to their spots on the depth chart, especially on the defensive side of the ball, where Rick Mentor is in his second spring as Defensive Coordinator

Two recruiting classes ago people were yelping about recruiting committ's scholarship offers being pulled in favor of that spot being filled with a better athlete. Whereby that's been happening for years in major programs and those struggling to climb that ladder. People weren't accustomed to seeing that at Kentucky.

Now another period of adjustment is underway. That adjustment being players leaving the program in mass, caused primarily because they were not progressing up the depth chart this spring.

UK is recruiting a better caliber of athlete. Only one of those seven players that are no longer here was an impact player - Ridge Wilson.

Notice where the others were on the depth chart - all on defense. This is something else that happens with regularity in the aforementioned type programs. As Defensive Coordinator Rick Minter said - "It's a man's. It's not a boys game."

Some fans may say, 'Well where's the results of better recruiting on the field?' One reporter Friday after hearing Joker Phillips say several positive things quizzically asked the coach what kind of team he's going to have? Phillips coyly responded "lets wait and see." The reporter then shot back, "what should I say to the fans about the team?" The coach said - "Tell the them don't give up on us."

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