NBA Prsopects for Terrence Jones

Matt Kamalsky and Ed Isaacson give their input on the draft prospects for Terrence Jones.

NBA draft analysts Matt Kamalsky and Ed Isaacson give their input on the draft prospects for Kentucky's Terrence Jones.

None of Kentucky's underclassmen, including Davis — the consensus national player of the year — have declared that they are leaving UK for the NBA. However, Kentucky coach John Calipari said again Friday that he hopes UK has six first-round picks — the five underclassmen plus senior Darius Miller.

Sophomore Terrence Jones was projected as a possible lottery pick last year before coming back to UK?in hopes of improving his draft stock and to win a national title. The analysts believe he'll have to settle for the title.

"I think Jones is still hovering around the same range he has for the most of the year - 11-17 seems to be where he is falling right now. Jones' talent is not in doubt. As most people know, it is effort which seems to hold him back," Isaacson said. "If he declares, this will be the biggest thing teams will look at with him come pre-draft workouts - is he here to play? If he comes in, plays to his strengths and goes all out, he can find himself in the end of the lottery."

"The book has been written on Jones. He's a top-five talent, and seemed to get his act together as the season progressed, but there's still questions about his intensity and ability to make his presence felt on the offensive end," Kamalsky said.

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