NBA Prospects for Doron Lamb

Matt Kamalsky and Ed Isaacson give their input on the draft prospects for Doron Lamb

NBA draft analysts Matt Kamalsky and Ed Isaacson give their input on the draft prospects for Kentucky's Doron Lamb.

None of Kentucky's underclassmen, including Davis — the consensus national player of the year — have declared that they are leaving UK for the NBA. However, Kentucky coach John Calipari said again Friday that he hopes UK has six first-round picks — the five underclassmen plus senior Darius Miller.

Sophomore guard Doron Lamb has played in the Final Four as a freshman, won a national title this year and has shot 47 percent from 3-point range in two seasons. The two analysts have a different take on where he may fall in the draft if he leaves Kentucky.

"I don't think he really helped or hurt himself with his play late in the year. He's in a range of the draft that is going to be very fluid until we know which underclassmen will be available. As I've said, I think his value offensively is going to help him climb into the late first round, but where he stands just isn't entirely clear right now," Kamalsky said.

"Personally, I still think Lamb is a second round pick. We know he can shoot and he showed it on college's biggest stage. The thing that keeps behind other shooting guards who have or will likely declare is that he still is not very good at creating his own shot," Isaacson said. "Without that skill, he becomes a situational player, and not many teams are going to spend a first round pick on that.

"Could he sneak in at the 26-30 range in the first? It wouldn't shock me, but I still think he is a high second rounder. I have little doubt he will declare and try and strike while his stock is this high, though the 10 weeks between now and the draft is a long time for people to start to overlook it."

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