One-on-one with WR coach Pat Washington, III

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with new wide receivers coach Pat Washington. Part 3.

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with Kentucky wide receivers coach Pat Washington.

Question: How is redshirt freshman Daryl Collins coming off his knee injury and does he have all the tools to be a big-time playmaker?

Washington: "I think he is probably 90 percent guy at this point and hopefully by fall he will be 100 percent. He is learning. There is a time when guys are learning and are not quite full speed because they are thinking too much. Once he really gets a good feel for what we are doing and reduces the thinking per play, then I think his ability that I?have seen this spring will help us win football games. He has the physical tools.?It is just a matter of regaining confidence in his knee and himself."

Question: Will the limited experience Demarco Robison got as a true freshman last year help him this season?

Washington: "I think it showed him how fast the game is, how competitive the game is in this conference. It's like you are playing your state championship game every time you play plus some. I think that helped him understand that you can't just use ability alone because now there are guys faster than him or quicker than him. He has to learn the techniques of every route and what we are trying to do and then apply his ability along with it. I think the spring because of the experience he did have and what he did realize has made him a better player right now."

Question: How has redshirt freshman Rashad Cunningham improved?

Washington: "He is developing. He is probably the rawest of all of them coming out of high school, so it is baby step process for him. He is crawling and hopefully he will start walking and then running in the summer and be full speed and ready to go in the fall. It is a step by step process with him but it is encouraging that he has the ability to be a good football player. He has the size to be a good football player. Now we just have to get the rest of the stuff and he will be okay."

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