One-on-one with WR coach Pat Washington, IV

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with new wide receivers coach Pat Washington. In part 4 Washington discusses senior Aaron Boyd.

Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with Kentucky wide receivers coach Pat Washington.

Question: Can senior Aaron Boyd, who has yet to find his niche after being highly recruited, doing things to show you he could help the team or not?

Washington: "I think right now he is a guy who has to know his biggest role is to be a jack of all trades. He has to be a guy that can play any position at any time. He has the intelligence to do it. He has the want-to to do it. I have been encouraged. Everywhere I have put him, he has done a good job.

"The biggest thing with him is being a senior and not really playing is that you lose confidence in yourself. We have to work on him gaining confidence in himself. I think it went good this spring and he made a step toward that direction.?Now he needs to understand that there will be a role for him. If he's not a starter, then he has to contribute and be a jack of all trades and be ready to go in any time at any position in a game. But I think he is ready for that challenge because he wants to play."

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