Josh Wright on the Rise

Josh Wright's star has been on the rise this AAU season. The point guard for the Long Island Panthers has been a standout just about everywhere he's been. Pretty soon he might have to decide on his next destination.

Guys are committing left and right. Each day another member of the Class of 2004 reaches a decision. The pressure is starting to come from coaching staffs for some of the higher regarded prospects to make a decision.

Point guard Josh Wright is one of those guys. In a perfect world, he waits until the fall to make his decision.

"I'm going to take at least four or five of my official visits," Wright said. "Unless I just have a crazy feeling, it's gonna wait until the fall. You never know, it may happen at ABCD Camp."

And if it does happen at ABCD? "If I was to do it at ABCD it would be UConn. The vibe I get when I'm talking to other people seems like UConn is the place for me. Also Boston College, Syracuse and Seton Hall [are in there]."

Wright's standard list reads Seton Hall, UConn, Boston College, Syracuse, Kentucky, Kansas and North Carolina. But, as he stated, the Eagles, Orangemen, Pirates and Huskies are in pretty good shape.

Wright's view on the whole recruiting deal is simple: "If there's a school that's serious about me, that's the situation I want to be in and I want to make that my first choice."

And while he'd prefer to take some visits and look around this fall, the guess here is that Wright won't watch another prospect pick his first choice.

"It's tempting to get it done and over with. It's a great opportunity any place I go."

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