Goodwin's good decisions lead to Lexington

The University of Kentucky's incoming 2012 shooting guard, Archie Goodwin, prime time basketeer can be classified in the latter group of journeymen. He as adeptly avoided any possibilities of trouble or failure by wisely surrounding himself with the right people.

Little Rock may not be the Camden (NJ) of Arkansas but, it isn't a Plano, Texas either. "Growing up here in Little Rock, it's not the worst but it's not the best place," Goodwin said, "If you stay away from areas like North Little Rock, where trouble may happen, and for me, just keep myself around the right people, knowing right from wrong, using common sense and knowing what to do and what not to do at times helps."

Goodwin's common sense and emotional intelligence has allowed him to avoid trouble triggers, while his close knit family has kept him grounded and his internal compass on track, steering clear from any potential danger.

"Staying around positive people keeps me on the right direction and away from any chance of getting in trouble," Goodwin stated, "that's why I mainly hang with my family. I do not hang with a lot of friends; I don't really have a lot of them. I just stay around people I am comfortable with."

The people in Goodwin's comfort zone (his father and especially his stepdad) have played a significant role in shaping Archie's basketball career, making him the talented basketball player and humble young man he is today. "My stepdad impacted my basketball career most," Goodwin stated, "My father put the ball in my hands, but my stepdad taught me how to play the game the right way."

Goodwin continued, "It basically started with working out at the park; I would learn from him and watch him work hard. All of my family worked hard all of their lives, and that's where the value of hard work developed." This valuable insight of work ethic was not only instilled in Goodwin from what he saw, but also directly from the words of wisdom he heard his father give him.

"My stepdad always told me from the start, you have to work hard in everything you do (not just sports) to be successful" Goodwin said, " you outwork your opponent by steals, rebounds, taking a charge on bad shooting days because you can still win games by giving extra effort."

The nature of being very driven and hardworking often is not a gift you are born with, it is a trait you learn to develop and master over time. It is a personal characteristic Goodwin learned to incorporate into his own life. This value of diligence and determination has provided Goodwin with the perfect foundation and has been a key factor for why Archie is becoming the gifted capable basketball player he is today. Goodwin plans to continue to develop his athletic abilities on the hardwood at Rupp Arena, however, these are not the only goals to which Archie aspires—he also has objectives of the academic kind on his mind, " I'm majoring in Communications because if I have a good career in the NBA hopefully, I also want to be some type of commentator for sports… like what Charles Barkley and the other guys do," Goodwin says, " It's a way for me to still be part of the game even if I no longer get to play it."

Fortunately, Goodwin has garnered a pristine opportunity to not only be able to play for a national championship basketball program at the University of Kentucky in 2012, but he also selected an educational program in the School of Journalism and Telecommunications that is as equally competitive academically, (being ranked as one of the top) communications programs in the country as well. Archie Goodwin has selected the right university where he can continue to excel and grow as a student-athlete both on the court as a basketball player, but even more importantly in the classroom, as a student of the arts continuing to develop his mind intellectually and his knowledge academically.

But, with so much thoughts in the forefront of his mind on the basketball aspect, for now, Goodwin is more than excited to step onto the University of Kentucky campus, "I'm excited to get to Lexington in June," Goodwin eagerly says, "I'm ready to work hard, meet my teammates and teachers, and as far as goals go, do well as a student and obviously a championship is the number one goal but I also want to get better acquainted with my team and see what goes from there."

Wildcat fans will be able to see just what things are in store for Archie Goodwin and the rest of his UK teammates very soon. Until then our ears have catered to what we've learned of Goodwin, and our eyes through what you have read have made the BBN fans hopefully understand that Goodwin is ready to work hard and extremely happy to join the Wildcat family soon!

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