Sebastian Telfair Tells All

Sebastian Telfair has always been at the center of attention in his class. We sat down with the famed point guard at the USA Basketball Camp and picked his brain on a variety of topics.

The recruitment of Sebastian Telfair has actually been rather quiet if you can believe that. "Bassy" has done a nice job of keeping a lid on a situation that to outsiders might seem chaotic.

"Right now it's easy because I'm just playing basketball," Telfair said. "There's not as much chaos as everyone thinks."

Chaos is something Telfair won't allow to run rampant in his situation. See, unlike other kids in his class, he's operating completely on his own timetable. He says that he doesn't have a list and while we can't fully believe that, it is easy to believe that he's keeping his list extremely private.

"I don't have a list. I'm not making a decision now. I'm just going to wait and see the best situation." So, what is the best situation? "Ball in my hands. Big men to play with. Great coach and good school."

Should Telfair settle on a favorite situation, he's still not going to be one of the guys who puts his pen to a letter of intent in the fall. Telfair said that he definitely won't be signing in the early period. He cited coaching changes as one reason for the delay.

OK, so if he's not signing early and claims to not have a list of schools, exactly how would a school know if they are "in there" because no one wants to waste time recruiting a guy they have no shot at. Telfair says there are signs.

"They'll know by the way my family talks to them. I make it my business to start a relationship." In other words, Telfair will let you know.

So much has been made of his career since he went to ABCD as a rising 9th grader. This will be his fourth ABCD Camp and most important of all. Last year, he had a battle with Darius Washington that spilled over into a one-on-one situation in the all-star game. This year, Shaun Livingston has emerged to challenge his supremacy.

"Going to ABCD and showing that I'm the best point guard," is what Telfair cites as a major goal. "I want to get everyone involved." Those are the words of the "old" Telfair, the one that prided himself in being the top distributor in the class.

This summer begins the culmination of one of the most documented careers in high school basketball. With that said, just what is important to Sebastian Telfair? What does he want out of basketball?

"Staying healthy, having a great career and having fun playing basketball. I want great things out of basketball."

No worry, great things are on the horizon.

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