Wildcat Baseball moving upward

On a day when athletic director Mitch Barnhart held a joint press conference to announce a new contract for head baseball coach Gary Henderson made a most revealing statement. Henderson said - "Kentucky baseball will not be sneaking up on anybody next year." Henderson who's been at UK for nine years said some years stars were not on the radar but now everybody knows what we have."

That in mind the reluctant coach did not dwell on its college baseball deficiencies but he managed to make it know they need upgraded facilities. He said – "In mine and Mitch's discussions facilities were not talked about. There are limitations in all walks of life."

"You can look around and nobody can say we are not committed," Mitch Barnhart espoused as a point of clarification. "We are now making progress with facilities and we have paid cash. We have got a few things left to do for baseball and football and procedures are in place to do that."

As it related to a new base facility the question is whether to retrofit or move to a location on Alumni Drive. Barnhart indicated a strong leaning to the Alumni drive location because of the tightness of the area at the present location. Barnhart said, "We can spread out more at a new location because we can expound up the facility at later dates. We can also do it in pieces on Alumni where if we retrofitted the present facility, it would all have to be done at the same time." He said money shortage does not figure into the scenario implying the money is already there for the project. Barnhart said these projects take six to eight months of planning.

The major concern the coach now has is keeping his players in place the players he expects to have on the roster. The five players they have committed and junior left-handed pitcher Jared Grundy are the ones in question. The deadline for when Henderson will know for sure is five o'clock in the afternoon on July 13th. "At least it's better than in the past because in the past midnight was the deadline and many into-the-night phone calls were made.

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