Nike Day Three: Player Checklst

INDIANAPOLIS – A hurricane warning sent everyone into the basement of the main gym at IUPUI on Tuesday, but the bad weather did little to disrupt the flow as college coaches made their way to Indy.

Nike Camp, Day Three

2004 Checklist

Al Jefferson, PF: He arrived a tad late for the camp but it didn't take long for him to announce his presence. He hit up a team for 26 points and 9 boards. Aside from the fadeaway 3-pointer, consecutive sweet hook shots over Charles Rhodes and the monster dunk off the dribble, it was just another day at the office in the afternoon. In the evening, Greg Oden slowed the train some and didn't allow Jefferson to run roughshod over the camp just yet.

Charles Thomas, PF: The high school version of Charlie Oakley. He's a "manimal" (not sure if that's a word) in the first session of games. He's simply a junkyard dog guy who battles, fights and claws for everything. Plus, his perimeter touch is reliable.

Daniel Gibson, PG: He hit a few jumpers in the second half of his game but it was a dunk that typified his afternoon session. The Texas-bound guard threw down a monster jam on top of Mohamed Tangara of all people that pretty much halted action on the court adjacent to their game.

Shawne Williams, SF: Athletically, he does things other guys can't come close to pulling off. It wasn't so much his scoring that stood out as it was his ability to get things done. For instance, on the break he's going full speed, angles around a defender and zips a bounce pass to a streaking teammate for a hoop. Plus, he's a terrific finisher in transition.

Dayshaun Wright, PF: When he's rebounding like he did today, you gotta love him. Call him undersized but don't question his desire. If he develops a reliable mid-range game, lookout.

Malik Hairston, SF: He's played well here but we've seen him play even better. Still, he traffic rebounded well and finished strong. He also completed a series of tough drives.

Al Horford, PF: For whatever reason, he makes our report everyday. He continues to bust his tail at both ends and with his dad, a former NBA player in the stands, he's thriving. He threw down a nasty dunk on two guys and he's playing with great confidence.

A.J. Price, PG: He's having a helluva camp. He's on a team loaded with great guards but he's been the best one. His playmaking is coming around and that stroke, oh that stroke, is so nice.

2005 Checklist

Richard Hendrix, PF: You can't help but be impressed with what he's done with his game. His ability to walk out and nail mid-range jump shots has added an entirely different dimension to his power game. The young man is playing with a lot of confidence.

Martell Webster, SG: The game is coming so easy to him right now. His jumper was on big time in the evening session. He'll bounce it once and stroke it deep off the dribble and he'll bang ‘em from mid-range all day long. Big time.

Josh McRoberts: Boy can he run the floor and get it done. He's much more athletic than you think at first glance. We're talking about an elite level big man here.

2006 Checklist

Greg Oden, C: Jefferson was having a huge day before he ran into Oden at night. The sophomore made it difficult for "Big Al" to impose his will. Oden's range, athleticism, height and shot blocking abilities slowed Al down quite a bit.

Scout's Perspective

Junior Luke Zeller has a gift for being patient. He'll wait to make his move until he's sized up his options. He's not slow to get to his offense, just very smart and patient. Terrific prospect. … Mohamed Tangara is just scratching the surface. He's ready to be coached and will do whatever you ask him to. …

We wrote about him the other day but it's time to mention it again. Paul Delaney of Georgia is one athletically gifted dude. … Speaking of athletes, Isaiah Swann never fails to use his athleticism to stand out in a crowd. … When Texas recruit Connor Atchley stepped out and dropped a three ball, once again the Longhorns class looked even better. …

Junior center Eric Boateng is going to be big time. He's long, rangy and is proving to be one tough defender. Two weeks at the Hoop Jamboree, Boateng played well against Oden. When given his chance against Jefferson, he held his ground and competed well. … Davis Nwankwo is having a nice camp. He's very skilled at sealing his man inside. …

Alex Gordon doesn't wow you but he's consistent. He'll bang 3s and won't go wild from the point position. Nice player. … We'll give credit when it's due and Robert Rothbart gets a thumbs up for turning up the intensity level today. He made some nice contested finishes. …

3-on-3 Notes (Morning Session)

Once again Al Horford was all about effort. He's really solidifying his place in the Top 100. … Shaun Pruitt was good in the 3-on-3. He played with intensity and purpose and worked hard to score. … Robert Rothbart looked more comfortable in the open setting than in a traditional game. He was able to play more on the perimeter and that opened up his game. … Matt Terwilliger's upper body got him places in the paint and his stroke was on target. …

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