SEC Media Days 2012

Check in here for all the info you need about SEC Media Days 2012. This will be updated through Thursday. **Updated 3:52 p.m. ET/2:52 p.m. CT Thursday ** Final updates now in. Thank you for joining us for our coverage of SEC Media Days.

3:52 p.m. ET Thursday. #SECKickoff12 has ended. Tuesday began with a rock star in Commissioner Mike Slive; Thursday ended with a rock star in Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

Nothing earth-shattering took place Thursday, although we chuckled as Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze said he'd be sure and circle the date Ole Miss faced South Carolina in 2013. Tuesday South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier made a point of saying how he would rather play Ole Miss than LSU; well, the two teams will get their chance in 2013.

Here are a few more features we posted on WildcatChat and the KSR football forum. This isn't everything, but it should give you a taste. Be sure and stop by the KSR Football Forum and WildcatChat Premium for our complete coverage.
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  • Kentucky picked 7th, Larry Warford 2nd team by media, by Darrell Cartwright
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  • Joker Phillips on running backs, by Larry Vaught 11:18 a.m. ET Thursday. Wow, so much has occurred in the last 24 hours. Larry Warford of Kentucky was named 2nd team All-SEC offensive lineman, receiving the 5th most votes. The top four made first-team All-SEC, so he was very close.

    Kentucky was chosen by the 222 members of the SEC to finish dead last in the SEC East. Predicted order of finish:

    SEC East
    1. Georgia
    2. South Carolina
    3. Florida
    4. Missouri
    5. Tennessee
    6. Vanderbilt
    7. Kentucky

    SEC West
    1. LSU
    2. Alabama
    3. Arkansas
    4. Auburn
    5. Texas A&M
    6. Miss. State
    7. Ole Miss

    Surprisingly, Ole Miss received one vote to win the SEC (hey to Mrs. Freeze!).

    Will update all the KSR stories shortly. 1:29 p.m. ET Wednesday. Joker Phillips addressing the main media today, and KSR has been incredibly busy. Here's a taste of what we have for you (be sure and check out the free football forum, linked below, and WildcatChat, for the stories.)

  • Joker Phillips on Stipends, Tattoos, by Larry Vaught
  • What true freshmen can contribute, by Lonny Demaree
  • Phillips on the fans, by Lonny Demaree
  • Few quick Joker tidbits, by Larry Vaught
  • Sun Blocker, by Lonny Demaree 10:57 a.m. ET Wednesday. Will Muschamp beat Dan Mullen, 15-2 today, in length in minutes of their opening statement. Joker will probably fall somewhere in between?

    We're underway, and we've added some tidbits you might enjoy:

  • Florida coach on hiring former UK offensive coordinator Pease, by Larry Vaught
  • Miss. State lineman on Kentucky, by Larry Vaught
  • Chris Dortch on UK football, and even some basketball 10:52 p.m. ET Tuesday. It has been a full day, and we have hopefully peppered your Twitter feed and the message board with a ton of football information overload. But just in case you missed anything, be sure and check out the following.

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