BALL: Orlando Showcase, Day 1, Part 2

KSR's Ronald "Doc" Ball is in Orlando and files this report: The Calipari era and his recruiting method have forced me to retool how I go about about watching these events. In the past I had to figure out who might enter UK's radar. That is no longer a concern which makes the task at hand much easier. Now I've gone a bit more towards looking at some younger players, the class of 2014 and beyond.

Each year KSR's Ronald "Doc" Ball makes an trip to the Orlando Super Showcase/AAU Nationals and highlights Kentucky targets, as well as players likely to be playing for Kentucky's opponents. In this part two of his Day one feature, "Doc" focuses on 2014 prospects.

There has been some discussion about Trayvon Reed being connected with UK. Had a match up with Julius Randle / Damien Jones tonight and did not fare well at all. I saw him as a cross between Anthony Davis and Shagari Alleyne. Unfortunately it was Davis' frame and Alleyne's skills. I definitely plan on catching a few more games over the next few days and hope that I just caught him on a bad day, which is what I suspect.

Joel Berry is a player I came away very impressed with. This point guard is quick, strong and can get off the floor. He physically resembles Chris Paul and plays a lot like him. Currently is listing the three big FL schools along with UNC-CH and Ohio State. He is a player that I would not mind see UK step up on.

Will see what tomorrow brings but likely will catch some of the same I did today. Hope to see LeRon Black and Beejay Anya assuming they are with their listed teams.

Continue to stay tuned as "Doc" will bring us more action from Kentucky prospects in the days to come.

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