BALL: Day 2 of Orlando AAU Nationals

KSR regular Ronald "Doc" Ball is in Orlando at the Orlando Super Showcase/AAU Nationals. Today he files this report on the action from Thursday.

Today I took the opportunity to look at some potential future targets as well as some potential opponents.

Theo Pinson, a SF in class of 2014 looks to be a somewhat intriguing prospect. He easily looks to be a top 25 player who is a bit lean but has plenty of energy. Today he showed a willingness to turn it up defensively. Offensively he is very smooth and moves well around the floor. This is a player that bears watching over the next year and one I hope UK continues to pursue.

Jalen Lindsey is a player who at one time had UK listed as a school of interest but that appears to no longer be the case. He has plenty of talent but at 6-6 is a bit of a tweener. He isn't ready to bang with the bigger bodies but doesn't have the ball handling skill yet. He wasn't a player I intended to watch however his skills caught my eye. I suspect he will improve his stock in the months to come.

Jarquez Smith, a teammate of Lindsey, is a very long player who moves up and down the floor well. Like Lindsey, he wasn't a player I intended to watch however his on the floor performance against the Harrison twins led Houston Defenders drew my attention. He plays even taller than his 6-9 height due to long arms and good timing. He needs to put on a few pounds but he has a very good frame. Even though he is rated a bit lower than Lindsey, I like his potential a bit better. I should note that he is a 2013 player.

Was able to see a bit more of Trayvon Reed today and he really did not show me much more than yesterday. I'm at a loss to see how he is rated so high. I might be missing something but based on what I have seen here, its way too optimistic. UK is involved with 3 centers in the class ranked higher so I am not concerned.

Was able to watch a bit more of Aaron and Andrew Harrison. Not much new to what I've seen or reported. Still no change in my desire to have these kids in UK blue. However I did want to comment once more on their team mate Derrick Griffin. This kid has really wooed the crowd here to become a favorite with his high flying dunks. This is a player who uses his body so well and plays to his strength. He is a rebounding machine who is able to root his man out by simple position. The kid is well coached and plays smart. I really expect him to spend a few years being a pain in our butts whenever we play the Aggies.

Watched a bit more of Julius Randle and can't help but compare him to Griffin. Randle plays with the ball in his hands on the perimeter then goes to the rim with the ball. I'm not a fan of this style and don't feel it is utilizing his skills well. Like Griffin, he should play to his strength down low and work under the basket without the ball, or at least work the lane to a greater degree. He needs to develop or be utilized for something more than getting the ball on the perimeter, taking the dribble/spin move with the ball into the lane and bowl people over.

I'm sure many saw the ESPN game between E1T1 and the Texas Titans. I only caught glimpses as the Houston team was playing at the same time and I opted to watch the Harrisons as well as the kids from GA (Lindsey and Smith), but reports have Berry having a strong first half and Randle a strong second one. No shock to me as both have skills that can lead to points by the bundle.

Tomorrow should have some good match ups as we see the conclusion of pool play and go to the elimination rounds.

This has been the third segment in a continuing report from Orlando from Ronald "Doc" Ball. Stay tuned tomorrow for more.

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