BALL: Orlando Showcase, Day 3, Part 1

Yesterday was the conclusion of pool pay so it was my final opportunity to catch some players before moving on to the premium match ups.

First up is Chinonso Obokoh. I had heard some of him in the past so wanted to see if the previous description of this kid out of NY were accurate. I'd seen "raw offensively" /defensive specialist. Instead I saw a player who got up and down the floor well and one who really held his ground on both ends of the floor. He looks to be a true back to the basket type center and is a legit 6 -9 with a long reach. He does not have much of a midrange game however that isn't what he plays to. He plays to his strength. Unlike many big men, he does actually run the court well. To me he looks like a player that will contribute on the college level after a year of seasoning. Most of the schools on the 3 star big mans list his list are Big East.

Teamed with Obokoh is pesky PG Shadell Millinghaus. Having a tough time finding much on him in the data base (class, schools) but will say he is explosive, can get off the ground, and to be honest can get under an opponents skin. He has excellent range and can get off the floor. Reminds me a bit of Gerald Fitch in his skills.

Was able to a catch a bit more of Theo Pinson but early into the game he hurt his foot. However what I did see I still like a lot. Has a very smooth game, tenacious defender with quick hands. Has good size but a bit of bulk might be beneficial.

Was also able to catch a few minutes of Louisville Trinity's Darryl Hicks. He has a solid game and good body. He is a solid mid major player

As for todays action, was able to see 2 players I had not yet watched this year in Bobby Portis and Moses Kingsley. Portis, who has committed to Arkansas, has all the the tools to be a major factor in college. He possesses good size, has good range out to 18 feet and is one of the better players getting down the floor regardless of size. As for Kingsley, he is a bit shorter than he teammate Portis but slightly thicker making him a beast inside. He is more a post player than Portis so they work well together. The pair is quite formidable. Were Arkansas to land Kingsley in addtion to Portis, they will have one of the better front courts in the league.

In summary, I say so far I have been most impressed with Derrick Griffin of the Houston team. The kids is like beer, full of hops! As for the Harrisons, I don't think this was their best event however I still feeling the love for them. Likewise I was impressed with Troy Williams who is a constant rim attacker. And of course there is Julius Randle who is a kid I see being much more effective in the future when his physical attributes are maximized by putting him in situations that he has the greatest advantage. Other than Griffin, I think and or all of these players could end up at UK. If so, it would be huge.

Now that the elimination portion of play has begun, it will be a bit more difficult to watch new players so I doubt I will have many future updates. I've had the opportunity to see all the players I wanted in addition to a few I didn't. As always I'll add that the opinions stated are mine and I'm in no way a professional at this. I try to relate what I see and acknowledge that there may be some inaccuracies, however they would be unintentional. And as always, I appreciate the opportunity to use this forum as a way to post these opinions.

Doc was not finished with the Day, and has an updated report. Stay tuned for Part Two.

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