BALL: Orlando Showcase, Day 3, Part 2

Ronald "Doc" Ball in on Day 4 of his annual trip covering the Orlando AAU Nationals. Here's the final part of his updated Day 3. Doc is providing up-to-the-minute updates on WildcatChat today as well. Enjoy.

Still on day 3 of the event and had a few minutes so I figured I'd give an update. As I tweeted, Troy Williams had a big morning game. He showed off his athleticism and his ability to play above the rim. We spent about 10 minutes scoring run out dunk after run out dunk. At times it was scary to think how good he can be if he develops some consistency and range to his jump shot. He has a prototypical SF frame but goes to the rim with such aggressiveness that you can't classify him as a wing player. I've really become sold on him over the last couple days. He would be my choice if Wiggins stays in 2014. BWSL played again @ 6:30 and I'm looking forward to this game. I can see this team coming out on top of this event.

The Randle/Harrison twins game did not pan out as anything exciting and I'd classify it as boring. I was really looking forward to a Julius Randle vs Derrick Griffin match up but poor decision making on Griffins part resulted in a technical foul and he didn't see any time following that, whether that was a coach's decision or injury or something else I don't know. The Harrisons basically had their way and the Defenders employed a stall offense the final quarter which led to little excitement and a plethora of free throws. Matt and Damien Jones were basic no shows so that the only option the Titans had was Randle who used his physical superiority to his benefit but could not overcome the talent difference. Houston played again at 8:00.

KSR thanks Ronald "Doc" Ball for his outstanding coverage of the AAU Nationals/Orlando Super Showcase basketball tournament. Doc is in Day 4 of his coverage of this event, and has provided outstanding reports daily, in addition to following up with KSR members each day on the message board forums, including today.

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