SIMON: Walter McCarty Plays On

If basketball be the snack for competition, play on; if words be the juice to our minds, play on; if music be the food for our soul, play on. We all have aspects of our lifestyles that feed into our cravings of a delectable appetite for the arts, the soul and the mind. Former Kentucky basketball player Walter McCarty is not afraid to show UK fans and the world his huge appetite for music.

We all have our "late night" cravings that fulfill our sense of happiness overall. Some keep those cravings a little secret, while others boldly make it known to the world.

After college, this 6'10 power forward took his yearning hunger for music with him on his ride to the NBA, along the way stopping over for stints with the New York Knicks and ending his professional career with the Los Angeles Clippers.

But, basketball, a part of McCarty's life for so long, did not end with a retirement from the NBA, "Soon as I retired from playing I started coaching, three years at Louisville and a year with the Pacers," McCarty says, "I am now taking time to pursue my music career."

Music has always sparked a flavorful zest in McCarty's life; it all started when he took his first bite at the age of 4.

"Everyone who knows me is aware of my huge passion for music," McCarty exclaims, "I've been singing since I was 4 or 5 and always knew it would play an important role for the rest my life."

His deep adoration and appetite for music not only led McCarty to become the great Chef of the Arts, but also had Walter incorporate these artistic talents into his athletic life as well, allowing him to release bonafide music even as a professional athlete.

"As a player I released my first CD in 2003 and then another in 2010 called ‘Emotionally'. My forthcoming third CD is projected to be released this fall," McCarty announces.

His desire for music has always been an integral part of Walter, even if it was not quite as apparent to the Kentucky basketball fans. "I've always had a passion for music and always will," McCarty says.

This profound admiration for lyricism heightened Walter's tonal senses, allowing his ears to delight in delectable melodies that gleefully filled up his mind and soul. McCarty wanted to take in as much as he could, and then relinquish these beautiful melodies in the form of sweet-sounding songs for his fans, before it was too late for him to engage in his truest passion --Music.

"I wanted to pursue my music before it was too late. I didn't want to have any regrets in life." McCarty says.

Don't be mistaken, don't get him wrong, McCarty still and always will love Lady Basketball. He will watch her, teach young players about her and will always adore his first Muse. When the headlines, shows or games especially deal with his alma mater, his other home, the University of Kentucky and his Big Blue Nation, his attentions will turn keenly toward good ole Kentucky.

When you are part of an amazing family of fans like the Big Blue Nation, it will forever stick with you, just like music did with McCarty. "I still watch UK basketball, they are my team and always will be," explains McCarty.

Be sure to look out for Walter McCarty's upcoming album, hopefully you will be able to taste and savor the very flavorful tones, melodies and beats that once hooked McCarty as a young child.

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